Heavy and Light Back Squats

October 13, 2010
Today we played around with what is light and what is heavy to each of us as it pertains to back squats. We started with a heavy back squat(what we each considered heavy at the time, often became what we ended with as our light weight) followed by 5 reps of a lighter(or equal) back squat. We worked in teams and the team work was excellent! The next round was another heavy back squat(almost everyone increased their load considerably) followed by 10 lighter back squats. At this point, everyone was starting to be able to define what they consider to be heavy and what they consider to be light. In the final round, we attempted another heavy back squat followed by 20 lighter squats. This was a personal and subjective WOD! Mostly experimental, call it an exploration. Everyone did really well and surpassed their own mental and physical limitations! I hope every one is as proud of themselves as we are of each of you.

Mobility WOD