Faster Harder

800 meter run
50 Thrusters(45lbs)
25 Front Squats
15 Pull Ups
This workout was fast and furious. It’s a great workout since it’s a one-off, meaning that once a given exercise is complete, it’s over. There are no subsequent rounds therefore the urge to pace oneself disappears allowing the athletes to give their all.
Phil Madrid put his mettle to the test by not only finishing at 8:46 at 6am class, but hitting it again at 4.30 and completing the work in 7:37, which put him at the fastest finish of the day!! There’s a reason we call him the Pacesetter!
The Clean being gone over as a skill review went very well. Coach broke it down to the minutiae and then built it back for concise movements in all Athletes, from beginners to the experienced.

Mobility WOD