Dead lift PRs

October 7, 2010
Today we worked on our deadlift PRs. It was glaringly obvious that our athletes have gotten a whole lot stronger since the last time we worked on our deadlift PRs!
Mona blew us all away with a PR of 305 lbs!
Phil did 315 lbs!
Mark did 275 lbs!
Rod did 235 lb’s!!(he gets 2 exclamations because he gets self conscious)
Leigh did 195!
Sasha did a whopping 265!!
Lorenzo and Pierre pulled 255!
Eddie 275!
Maynard 225!
John is in the 300 club!
Ana Banana 145!
Lisa 175!
Charlie195, which is considerable for his first deadlift pr’s!
Christine pr’d175!
Luke pr’d at 255!
Tait failed at 485 and pulled 465 successfully for his last two lifts and Steve hit 345 successfully and failed at 390 twice!! Lots of power and excellent form shown today!! We are beaming with pride!

Mobility WOD