October 26,2010
The slogan for this week:
Have your way
With a girl a day
At Crossfit Santa Fe!

Warm up:
10 Box Jumps
10 Burpees
10 Pull ups
10 Dips

Double unders/ Sit ups
Such an exciting workout!! DOUBLE UNDERS!!
Phil met his Month’s Goal of 100 consecutive double unders to begin the day today!! Everyone has become so driven that each athlete today persevered through the frustration of the movement and IMPROVED their abilities today. The tenacity that this takes is admirable, and is a great illustration of how CrossFit builds us to tackle the worst of our abilities so that ALL our abilities grow in an exponential way!!
Special kudos to Anna M., Lisa V., Sara B., and Darlene for really toughing it out on this new and frustrating movement!
…on to the next Girl tomorrow!

Mobility WOD