October 28, 2010
10 double unders
10 medicine ball cleans
20 walkin lunges
30 Ab mat sit-ups
Skill: medicine ball cleans

21 / 15 / 9
Squat Cleans(135lbs) & Ring Dips

Today we tackled another girl In a week of taking on the Girls! Simple enough in the concept, Elizabeth challenges our ability to meld two modalities into a single work out. The squat clean is a dynamic olympic lift that seems to combine balance, strength, timing, speed and coordination. Combined with a gymnastic movement this workout really incorporates the whole idea behind Crossfit. If the “choreography of exertion” is a measure of the best workout design, Elizabeth seems to have hit the nail on the head. What aspects and elements does a perfect workout incorporate In your mind?

Two girls in two days!

October 25 & 26, 2010 –
Wednesday we tackled Fran!
21 15 9
Thrusters/ Pull Ups
In an attempt to apply what we learned last week about scaling speed and strength in a metabolic conditioning workout(see below blog on thrusters PRs), we did Fran with a little less weight in order to see how that affected our time. It was an interesting experiment that proved that in order to get full benefit of FRAN, which should be completed in under ten minutes, athletes must scale appropriately.
Mission accomplished and intensity certainly increased!


October 26,2010
The slogan for this week:
Have your way
With a girl a day
At Crossfit Santa Fe!

Warm up:
10 Box Jumps
10 Burpees
10 Pull ups
10 Dips

Double unders/ Sit ups
Such an exciting workout!! DOUBLE UNDERS!!
Phil met his Month’s Goal of 100 consecutive double unders to begin the day today!! Everyone has become so driven that each athlete today persevered through the frustration of the movement and IMPROVED their abilities today. The tenacity that this takes is admirable, and is a great illustration of how CrossFit builds us to tackle the worst of our abilities so that ALL our abilities grow in an exponential way!!
Special kudos to Anna M., Lisa V., Sara B., and Darlene for really toughing it out on this new and frustrating movement!
…on to the next Girl tomorrow!


October 25, 2010
OH Karen! We are doing the girls this week! A different girl every day! Today was Karen:
150 Wall Balls to ten feet. (20/14)
Cut off at 15 minutes.

We were totally impressed with everyone’s effort today. Those who scaled met their goals and surpassed them. Those that completed, rocked it. Peter Trevisani, Phil Madrid and Chris Chickering all did the prescribed workout and hit that ten foot mark. They finished with really good times. This workout is taxing to say the least. 150 wall balls is a whole lot of wall balls to be sure. It is difficult to keep your pace and your intensity. One is challenged by keeping that depth in the squat an the height on the throw. Keeping all these aspects together is a true challenge. To complete, one has to do at least 10 wall balls a minute. This is a lot harder than it sounds. The question here is do you pace yourself and do the minimum to finish in time or do you attempt to finish faster and risk burning yourself out?

Dead Man Jumping!!

October 22, 2010
Warm up:
Plank warm up
10 Goblet Squats
10 Kettle Bell Swings
20 Walking Lunges
10 Wall Balls
10 Push Ups
Pistol Squats
6 DEAD LIFTS(275/185) or 60% of
Your 1 rep max
20 Box Jumps

Today was a combination of a Power Lift and a classic gymnastic movement straight out of the schoolyard. Marrying a slow, powerful movement with the box jump really pushes us to speed up our box jumps!
This is a rugged sprint of five rounds. Form is crucial to this, although we still want the work done speedily…this brings the question: At what point does ones speed suffer for the sake of form…or vice versa?


October 21, 2010
Warm up:
10 Kettle Bell Swings
10 Burpees
10 GHD Sit Ups
10 Medicine Ball Cleans

Medicine Ball Cleans

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
Every minute complete all 30 movements. Do this for as many rounds as possible until the work can’t be completed in a given minute.
Just coaching this workout was hard enough, let alone actually doing it. That minute comes around so quickly and the more tired you get, the more quickly it passes.
Phil Madrid finished the 30 minutes per minute for 30 minutes as prescribed. Leigh Mioila finished with jumping pull ups. Ana Deardorf also finished with jumping pull ups and push ups from her knees. No easy task we assure you!!!!!
What is more important to you in your work outs- scaling and completing or challenging yourself and possibly not completing?

Thrust This!

October 20th, 2010
Warm Up:
10 Pull Ups
10 Jumping Burpees
20 Walking Lunges
20 Push Ups
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups
30 Air Squats
1 Rep Max Thrusters
Attempting to find our max at around the 4th or 5th.
We recently discovered an article on www.againfaster.com that deals with a formula for scaling. The idea is that if our 1 rep max for a thrusters is 100lbs, we should be executing Fran with less than 50% of that in order to maximize our speed and power. That scaling has do to with balancing speed and strength and not just a way to “keep grandma in the game.”
It is a great conversation to have:to consider LOWERING weight in order to INCREASE power output!! This dovetails perfectly with the calculation for power(work): Load•Distance divided by Time= POWER(work).
It also is asking me to, once again, leave my EGO at the door. Prescribed weights mean nothing in this realm…it’s all about MY power and how to increase that in the quickest time and train my body to output the most work! Exciting!!
A great question to ask is, “How do I shortchange my improvement by comparing myself to others too much?”

Faster Harder

800 meter run
50 Thrusters(45lbs)
25 Front Squats
15 Pull Ups
This workout was fast and furious. It’s a great workout since it’s a one-off, meaning that once a given exercise is complete, it’s over. There are no subsequent rounds therefore the urge to pace oneself disappears allowing the athletes to give their all.
Phil Madrid put his mettle to the test by not only finishing at 8:46 at 6am class, but hitting it again at 4.30 and completing the work in 7:37, which put him at the fastest finish of the day!! There’s a reason we call him the Pacesetter!
The Clean being gone over as a skill review went very well. Coach broke it down to the minutiae and then built it back for concise movements in all Athletes, from beginners to the experienced.

Crossfit Quinceanera

October 15, 2010
15 Overhead Squats
15 box jumps
15 Push Presses
200 meter run
X 3 for time!
Skill= pistol squats-Way to go on all your attempts guys. This is a difficult skill to master. Practice the progression at home. Keep your weight in your heels!
Today we really worked on our form for our overhead squats. Going lighter perhaps than we are capable of, in order to concentrate on form and intensity! The overhead squat is one of the most difficult squats to do correctly. Our athletes did a great job following cues and direction.
Seeing everyone’s progress and the ever-changing body compositions combined with accentuated skill-sets is super inspirational for the entire coaching staff!! Thanks To a wonderful Tribe, full of Leaders!!

Mini Kiping Pull Up seminar with Coach Tait

Yesterday,The noon class finished up with some extra time left and so Coach Tait took some time to show us a progression for getting our Kiping pull ups. He spoke about the difference between dead hang pull ups and Kiping pull ups. “Dead hang pull ups use more strength and Kiping pull ups take more gymnast ability.” Coach Tait talked about how the Kiping is hard to get and will initially set you back(in time) in your workout, but will eventually allow you to do many more consecutive pull ups. Our suggestion is that every one spend a couple of minutes each day working on this new movement.

Mobility WOD