Off-Site WOD this Saturday

Chamisa Trail Run 25 September 2010

CrossFitters this Saturday’s WOD will be off site. If you want to arrange carpooling with one another or a coach take initiative, meet at the gym at 9:30am or at the trail head at 10am sharp. ( Timeliness is still expected, burpee law applies)

This is a 3 mile run on a trail, it requires balance, agility, coordination and endurance. There is a significant incline at the very beginning followed by a lovely flat-ish area of switchbacks and ends with a decline.

This is gonna be really fun, and we can all enjoy the beauty of our area and the season. We will do a warm-up in the parking lot beforehand.

Take Paseo de Peralta to Washington St. Turn away from downtown and then take a Right on Artist Rd. (if you’ve never been to Chamisa set your odometer to zero here) It is 5.6 miles from the bottom of Artisit Rd. to the parking lot. The parking lot is on the left hand side across from a huge pile of gravel.

See you all there!!!

Mobility WOD