Noon Class…what’s intense?

It’s personal, but everyone has their own personal level of intensity; physically AND mentally.
Coach McKearnan and Desiree are great examples of pushing their levels higher…grit,determination and consistency.
Everyone has ‘what it takes’. So inspiring to be in a room where people are accessing their best and pushing themselves.



Off-Site WOD this Saturday

Chamisa Trail Run 25 September 2010

CrossFitters this Saturday’s WOD will be off site. If you want to arrange carpooling with one another or a coach take initiative, meet at the gym at 9:30am or at the trail head at 10am sharp. ( Timeliness is still expected, burpee law applies)

This is a 3 mile run on a trail, it requires balance, agility, coordination and endurance. There is a significant incline at the very beginning followed by a lovely flat-ish area of switchbacks and ends with a decline.

This is gonna be really fun, and we can all enjoy the beauty of our area and the season. We will do a warm-up in the parking lot beforehand.

Take Paseo de Peralta to Washington St. Turn away from downtown and then take a Right on Artist Rd. (if you’ve never been to Chamisa set your odometer to zero here) It is 5.6 miles from the bottom of Artisit Rd. to the parking lot. The parking lot is on the left hand side across from a huge pile of gravel.

See you all there!!!

All School Potluck BBQ

This Sunday, 26 September 2010

All School Potluck BBQ at 4pm, see school whiteboards for directions. Bring meat, veggies, tofu to grill and or a salad to share….and say Bon Voyage to Coach Crow who will be leaving for one month.

Mona Malec

Mona Malec beats her DeadLift PR

225 lbs. loaded up ready to go

Good Job Mona, you are an inspiration!



On 28 August 2010 CrossFit Santa Fe participated in a benefit WOD for Spinal Muscular Atrophy in solidarity with CrossFit ABQ and boxes around the country. Over 12,000$ were raised, as well as awareness and camaraderie. Congratulations to everyone that participated!!

Thank you to Lora, Mona, Pierre, Heather, Jayes, Kermit, Ana, Sam, Nate, Erin, Phil and Crow.

New CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Santa Fe is now offering 6am classes for all levels Tues. & Thurs.

This also means that the 7am Tues. and Thurs. classes will now be for advanced students, so athletes if you haven’t been told that you are ready for the advanced class please show up an hour early on Tuesday and Thursday for the all levels.

Mon. Wed. Fri. 7am classes will remain all levels.

Stay tuned for more advanced level classes from CrossFit Santa Fe!

BoxJump Unofficial Competition

Until Next Time!

Erin S. and Brad B., apprentices from the S.F. Opera and huge additions to our CrossFit family, we will miss their great attitudes and amazing drive…see y’ll next summer!

Mobility WOD