BJJ Kids and Parents Day

We are pushing the Parents and Kids Day out one week because Coach Henry will be preparing for his MMA fight.

So parents get your kids on the mat, and kids bring your parent or sibling and get them rolling!

9 September 2010 4:30-5:30pm

For information on Coach Henry’s fight go to

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Benefit WOD

This Saturday 28 August 2010 10am


200 thrusters 75/45

Be there! In solidarity with CrossFit boxes around the country and with our fellow NM Crossfit box in ABQ, help us raise 200$ for SMA awareness. Suggested donations 10-20$

See Nate or Crow for more details or visit

Upcoming Events!

We have a bunch of great events on the horizon as the Santa Fe summer nears it’s end.

This Saturday August 21st we are holding a running seminar. This seminar is free for all Undisputed students and it begins at 12pm. Please sign up with either Nate or Crow.

The following Saturday, August 28th, Undisputed is participating in a nationwide W.O.D. to benefit Muscular Spinal Atrophy. This workout is open to all CrossfitSantafe athletes, there is a 5-20$ suggested donation. The W.O.D. is called “bugaboo” and consists of 200 thrusters 75/45 for time. This is a really cool event and a great way to connect our CrossFit community with boxes nationwide. Please sign up with Nate or Crow a.s.a.p.

Coming soon CrossFit parents and kids night! Bring a family member and we will do a warm up skill set and workout together! Date to be announced.

Love of the Lord

Rod Harrison, CFSF athlete at bon voyage breakfast with Tait. The following day Rod surprised all with kipping pullups at Lincoln Cntr in the Big Apple, performed pre performance of his interpretation of Lord Buckley. Is this the best “guerrilla CrossFit” photo ever? Likely that it is.

Mobility WOD